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Eco Friendly

Many of our innkeepers have gone to great lengths to ensure that their businesses are "eco friendly". They use cleaning products that are less harmful to the environment and ecologically friendly soaps. They buy locally and use locally grown produce in their food whenever possible. They make many choices small and large to help lessen their impact on the environment, and they do so because they believe it is essential.

Beacon Inn at Sidney
Phone: (250) 655-3288
Toll Free: 1-877-420-5499
Our Green Initiatives.... We are committed to energy and resource conservation and have established numerous water, energy and waste reduction initiatives throughout the Inn. A few examples are: low water-use toilets and washing machines; using eco-friendly cleaning products and energy-saving lighting; recycling; and composting. We also encourage guests to do their part by.... re-using towels, turning off lights when away from their rooms, and recycling.

Sidney by the Sea, British Columbia
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Crystal's View
Phone: (604) 987-3952

Crystal's view has been environmentally friendly already for many years.

North Vancouver, British Columbia
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Hospitaly Award Winner
Cobble House Bed & Breakfast
Phone: 250-743-2672
Toll Free: 1-866-743-2672
Cobble House has been environmentally friendly for many years. We reduce, reuse and recycle; we are replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient ones; we always take our own shopping bag to the grocery store; where possible we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and products not tested on animals; we compost kitchen scraps and grow some products in our own garden without using pesticides; our eggs are bought locally and are free range. We do our best to leave a smaller footprint

Cobble Hill, British Columbia
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ThistleDown House
Phone: (604) 986-7173
Toll Free: 1-888-633-7173
Green ThistleDown is an internal slogan by which we have lived for many years. Our way is to use products friendly to our air, our water and ourselves, to mostly consume that which is sustainable, to waste as little as we possibly can, to cycle again everything that may have yet another life, and to do these things in an atmosphere of caring and concern. We try our very best to walk gently on the earth, believing that our road is a journey and not a destination.

North Vancouver, British Columbia
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Kidd'sBed & Breakfast
Phone: (250) 749-7790
Toll Free: 1-866-749-7790
To make our place eco friendly we have solar hot water panels, good insulation and sealing with an HRV ventilation system. We are gradually changing light bulbs to LED. (In BC over 90% of our electricity is from renewable sources) We compost and grow a garden. When practical we walk or bicycle to town. Town has recently added water meters so water use has become more of an issue. We have low volume flush toilets and use buried drip irrigation in our garden boxes.

Lake Cowichan, British Columbia
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Sunflower Inn Bed & Breakfast
Phone: 250-447-6201
Toll Free: 877-378-0526
The Sunflower Inn B&B heats and air conditions the house with a geothermal furnace, saving energy. Our south facing home has passive solar heating by 5 degrees or more. We have water saving toilets and washing machine, we ask our guests to conserve water. We reduce garbage, by recycling and composting. Our guests recycle also. We use eco-friendly cleaning products, glycerine soaps when possible. We garden organically. We use organic foods when possible. Our community hosts a new green machine!

Christina Lake, British Columbia
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Cottage Pirouette
Phone: (250) 386-2166
Toll Free: 1-877-386-2166
Your B & B host has been hosting in a green manner since we first opened in 1997. Using her funky bicycle with trail-along wagon for shopping trips, your breakfast ingredients are as local as they come. We prepare our offerings from local suppliers, and use organic, fair-trade ingredients. Delicious. From linens dried on the line, to large eco-friendly soap dispensers, you ca be assured that you and our world are being cared for with love.

Victoria, British Columbia
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