“Wow, it’s pitch white outside!”

Last week it was still November here in the Comox Valley and it was snowing.  Lots of big, fat flakes drifting down.   I was raised in semi-desert and find snow pretty darn romantic, but I understand if many of our readers don’t.  Too much of anything is too much.  Anyhow, it wasn’t very cold near Comox and it took two days of snow before it began to stick, at least down near sea level.  Comic strip buffs may remember the “pitch white outside” line as one stolen, blatantly, from the Peanuts gang, Linus I think…  The line popped into my head as I walked through a local nature park with my dogs, Tip and Pocos, who both find snow to be almost as much fun as eating.  They rolled in it, plowed their noses through it, jumped and ran around in it until I was more than a bit dizzy from watching and breathless from laughing!

When I got back from my walk I decided to check the headlines (I’m a bit of a news junkie) and low and behold I read that Whistler/Blackcomb is opening early!  The next day I read that Mt. Washington is opening a week early too.  Skiers, I thought, you are in for a great season.  If the resorts close to the sea are ready already then those in the rest of the province must be looking at pretty nice conditions as well.   I’m not a skier myself.  I gave the slopes my very best for several seasons when my children were small and found that I spent most of my time trying to get up with legs akimbo and skis pointing all about at angles never intended.  I have poignant memories of a beginning ski class at a big resort.  I was about 28 years old with two children ages 6 and 2.  Mercifully the 2 year old was in a day care facility there, but the 6 year old came zooming past me waving and yelling “C’mon dad, I’ll race ya!” as I struggled to free my legs from the skis and get up off my back for the umpteenth time in less than two hours.  I recall two nuns in the class, clad in habits no less, who managed to stay on their feet/skis, get on and off the lift for the “bunny hill” and get down that gentle slope intact.  I, however, did not.

Spectacular skiing on Mount Washington

That’s enough of my rambling, I really want to remind you skiers, sledders, snowshoers and other daredevils of the powder to think B&B when you plan those sojourns to the mountains for skiing in BC.  Many of our BC Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Guild members are close to great skiing and some offer special packages just for you.  Rest assured your owner prepared B&B breakfast will be far superior to the cup of waffle batter you pour into the waffle maker for breakfast at many of the big chain motels and hotels offering a “B&B experience”.  Have a terrific time out there and I will have a terrific time by the fireplace with a bit of brandy!

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