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Peak of Christmas Returns to Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, BC

Saturday, December 1st, 2012
Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC logo

View of Vancouver from Grouse Mountain Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, BC is a majestic setting for Christmas celebrations.

The Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain celebrates the holiday season in North Vancouver, BC with a variety of events that run through December 24.

The events at this year’s Peak of Christmas cover the spectrum of the coming winter holidays in this beautiful area of British Columbia.  From visits with Santa and real life reindeer, to sleigh rides, musical entertainment, ice skating lessons and sessions with a skate champion, holiday meals and more, you’re sure to have treasured memories of your time at Grouse Mountain.

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Artists for Conservation Festival Returning to North Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain

Saturday, September 8th, 2012
"Nap Time" by Robert Bateman

The 2nd Annual Artists for Conservation Festival promotes the conservancy efforts of nature and wildlife artists from around the globe.

Celebrating nature conservation and artistic expression, the 2nd Annual Artists for Conservation Festival will again be held at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC’s North Shore region October 13-21, 2012.

This festival, though only in its second year, has received a great deal of media coverage and is widely seen as the world’s premier conservation-themed art event.  Attendance is expected to be high, so it is recommended that you secure your Vancouver North Shore lodging at one of our member bed & breakfast inns to enjoy accommodations to match the unique experiences of the festival.

Grouse Mountain Resort Provides an Inspiring Setting for Events at the Artists for Conservation Festival

Just 15 minutes north from the downtown Vancouver core and 4,100 feet above the city, Grouse Mountain Resort is a world class year-round alpine destination.

Skyride - Grouse Mountain

The eight minute Red Skyride cable car ride to the summit of Grouse Mountain introduces visitors to the majesty of British Columbia.

The Grouse Mountain Resort is a nature-lover’s paradise. Activities include:

  • Birds of prey flying demonstrations
  • Eco-walks
  • First Nations long house of the “hiwus”
  • Grizzly bear viewing
  • Mountaintop zip-lining
  • Ranger talks

Add to this the five mountain top dining venues and the unique Eye of the Wind turbine with a 360 degree viewing pod and you’ve got the perfect setting for nature’s inspirations.

Grouse Mountain Resort is also a leading educator in and proponent of wildlife and nature conservation.  Students and teachers come to learn about British Columbia’s flora, fauna, energy sustainability, the science of snow sports physics and the culture of the First Nations.

Artists for Conservation Festival Exhibits the Works of the World’s Top Conservation-Themed Artists

Nature and wildlife-oriented arts are the focus of the Artists for Conservation Festival and this event has collected works representing the finest examples.  More than 80 nature artists will exhibit over 90 individual artworks.  The artists hail from locations throughout Canada, and internationally from USA, UK, Australia, France, Kenya, Peru, Japan, the Netherlands and more. (more…)