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2011Travelers’ Choice Awards

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

The reviews are in for Trip Advisor’s 2011 Travelers Choice best Canadian B&Bs and 6 of the top 10 are BC Bed & Breakfasts, and 4 of the top 10 are Guild Members.  The hard working winners are ThistleDown House (North Vancouver), Abbeymoore Manor (Victoria), The West End Guest House (Vancouver) and Apple Blossom B&B (West Kelowna).   Trip Advisor awards mean a lot to B&B innkeepers because they are based solely on guest reviews and cannot be bought or self-nominated.  The fact that 40% of Canada’s top 10 voted Bed and Breakfasts are members of the British Columbia Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Guild is a good indicator of the quality of our members and their dedication to providing guests with enjoyable and memorable stays.

West End Guest House

Each B&B is unique.  That is, for me,what makes staying at B&Bs particularly fun since I KNOW I can count on Guild members to be top quality in both accommodations and service and yet so very different in design, look and feel.

All BC Innkeepers members are also Tourism BC approved and many are also Canada Select rated.  The most important thing about great B&Bs is simple: we innkeepers love what we do, so we do it very well.

Speaking of owners, hearty congratulations to the Innkeepers: Anne, Ian and Michelle at Abbeymoore Manor; Ruth and Rex at ThistleDown House; Evan and Ron at The West End Guest House and Jeanette and John (pictured) at Apple Blossom B&B!

Where ever you go in British Columbia you can “rest assured” your BC Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Guild members will make your stay a special one.

“Wow, it’s pitch white outside!”

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Last week it was still November here in the Comox Valley and it was snowing.  Lots of big, fat flakes drifting down.   I was raised in semi-desert and find snow pretty darn romantic, but I understand if many of our readers don’t.  Too much of anything is too much.  Anyhow, it wasn’t very cold near Comox and it took two days of snow before it began to stick, at least down near sea level.  Comic strip buffs may remember the “pitch white outside” line as one stolen, blatantly, from the Peanuts gang, Linus I think…  The line popped into my head as I walked through a local nature park with my dogs, Tip and Pocos, who both find snow to be almost as much fun as eating.  They rolled in it, plowed their noses through it, jumped and ran around in it until I was more than a bit dizzy from watching and breathless from laughing!

When I got back from my walk I decided to check the headlines (I’m a bit of a news junkie) and low and behold I read that Whistler/Blackcomb is opening early!  The next day I read that Mt. Washington is opening a week early too.  Skiers, I thought, you are in for a great season.  If the resorts close to the sea are ready already then those in the rest of the province must be looking at pretty nice conditions as well.   I’m not a skier myself.  I gave the slopes my very best for several seasons when my children were small and found that I spent most of my time trying to get up with legs akimbo and skis pointing all about at angles never intended.  I have poignant memories of a beginning ski class at a big resort.  I was about 28 years old with two children ages 6 and 2.  Mercifully the 2 year old was in a day care facility there, but the 6 year old came zooming past me waving and yelling “C’mon dad, I’ll race ya!” as I struggled to free my legs from the skis and get up off my back for the umpteenth time in less than two hours.  I recall two nuns in the class, clad in habits no less, who managed to stay on their feet/skis, get on and off the lift for the “bunny hill” and get down that gentle slope intact.  I, however, did not.

Spectacular skiing on Mount Washington

That’s enough of my rambling, I really want to remind you skiers, sledders, snowshoers and other daredevils of the powder to think B&B when you plan those sojourns to the mountains for skiing in BC.  Many of our BC Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Guild members are close to great skiing and some offer special packages just for you.  Rest assured your owner prepared B&B breakfast will be far superior to the cup of waffle batter you pour into the waffle maker for breakfast at many of the big chain motels and hotels offering a “B&B experience”.  Have a terrific time out there and I will have a terrific time by the fireplace with a bit of brandy!

Visiting Family for the Holidays? Think B&B!

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Many people, myself included, will be traveling a good distance to spend time with family and friends during this season of peace, love and goodwill.  As much as I love my family and friends, and very much look forward to seeing them, I don’t really like to stay with them.  I’m used to my privacy and like a little “down time” even when on a visit.  I don’t want to have to get dressed to walk to the bathroom, or line up to use it!  For me there is nothing like having a friendly, but non-intrusive, Bed & Breakfast to come back to in the evenings and wake up in in the morning.  Another big plus is I like relaxed breakfasts, as opposed to being stuffed in at a table with my 2, 4, 12 and 16 year old grand kids — wonderful and fun as they all are.  Yup, staying at a fine B&B allows me to get ready for all that family fun and excitement instead of having it steamroll over me.

The Christmas flower

To tell the truth, I think the family is a bit more relaxed and happy to see me when I’m not taking one of the kid’s rooms forcing them into extra close quarters with a sibling, or making them endure my snoring.  I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m convinced that we are all happier when I don’t take them up on their kind offer to stay at their house.  I’ve been there and well remember having family visit and being glad when they left.  My own Grandmother told me way back  “Don’t make them twice glad, glad to see you come and glad to see you go.”  I prefer them to be just a bit sad to see me head home.

So if your loved ones are here in B.C. and you’re coming by for the holidays, do yourself and them a favor by booking a great British Columbia B&B .   Rest assured you’ll all have a better time!

Michigan Bed and Breakfast Inns Question Resort Hotels That Offer “A B&B Experience”

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

With permission, I’ve borrowed this blog from the Michigan Lake to Lake B&B Association as British Columbia Bed & Breakfasts deal with this issue as well.

Q.  When is a “bed and breakfast package” not a bed and breakfast package?

A.  When it’s not at a bed and breakfast inn.

For the second time since August 2, when Michigan Lake to Lake B&B Association published a blog post to object to a similar instance, a large resort property is again imitating the authentic, warm hospitality available only in a bed and breakfast by offering – you guessed it – yet another “Bed and Breakfast Package.” And to rub salt in the wound, it’s promoted by Travel Michigan, a state agency.

Why should that matter? The State of Michigan itself has defined a Michigan bed and breakfast as “a private residence that is also the innkeeper’s residence; has sleeping accommodations meant for lodgers; has no more than 14 rooms; and that serves breakfast at no extra charge to the lodgers.”

The resort property advertising the “Bed and Breakfast Package” in the Travel Michigan publication, sent to more than 100,000 subscribers, boasts 250 hotel rooms, suites, condominiums, townhomes and resort residences. There’s nothing in the description, taken from its website, that remotely resembles the state’s definition of a B&B.

When we contacted the property for more information on what its B&B package consists of, saying we enjoy staying at B&Bs, the woman on the other end of the line chuckled.

“Well,” she said, “if you’re thinking of a homey, personal home, no. This is a large resort. But we do include breakfast in some packages.”

Why would the Lake to Lake Bed and Breakfast Association give a rip?  First, if the state has a definition of B&Bs, other types of lodging properties should not have the ability, nor the impertinence, to call themselves B&Bs – and especially not in a state publication.

We’re not mad at Travel Michigan. One the contrary: this collective membership of 130 quality-assured B&Bs actively supports passage of legislation to permanently fund the Pure Michigan campaign  — a “gift  that keeps on giving” from the State of Michigan to everyone in Michigan.   Melinda Remer, Travel Michigan’s director of marketing, will be presenting a report on the campaign at our upcoming Annual Innkeeping Conference in Chelsea, October 24 – 26. We are thrilled! We have a good working relationship based on mutual respect for what each entity brings to the table.

But we’re also not amused. When a large resort misrepresents itself as having the capability to provide a B&B experience simply by calling its special a “bed and breakfast package,” it devalues bed and breakfast lodging experiences across the state that are unique and quintessentially Pure Michigan.  And when a state agency endorses it despite the state’s own definition…. It gives us a moment’s pause.

Cruisin’ in the Queen City, that’s Nelson don’t ya know!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

The Queen City Cruise, September 10 and 11, is a fairly new happening in historic Nelson in the Kootenay Rockies region, having begun in just 2003.  The Nelson Road Kings, and car collectors from all over, even the famous Dukes Car Club, America’s oldest established car club, find the appeal here to show off their cars.  Whether you think of Nelson as the “Queen City” or the “Heritage City”, it offers cosmopolitan dining, fascinating shopping and great BC Innkeepers’ Bed & Breakfast lodging, all on the shores of stunning Kootenay Lake.  It’s no wonder car buffs bring their eye popping best rides here for this good time event.   If you’ve a car you want to show you can register early at the Bogustown Pub on September 10th or at 9 AM on Saturday the 11th.  Friday afternoon there will be a soap box derby hosted by the Nelson Business Association and then a parade ending downtown.

Saturday morning is the big Show and Shine event on Baker Street.  Prizes and trophys will be awarded in the afternoon.  At 7 in the evening doors open for The Roof Top Dance at the Parkade, featuring Pauly and the Greaseballs.  Eat your heart out Bowser…

If You’ve Got A “Smart” Phone BC’s Best Has Gone Mobile!!

Thursday, June 10th, 2010 goes Mobile!!!  We are the FIRST Bed and Breakfast Association in Canada to have a fully mobile version of our website.  It has just become easier than ever to book where you’ll “Rest Assured” at one of the 200 Guild member B&B Inns located across British Columbia.  Last minute travelers are sure to be especially happy with this major technological advancement.

We are thrilled to announce that our Guild now has a fully Mobile version of our website.  This amazing feature detects that a “Smart Phone” is searching for our Bed and Breakfast Guild and brings up a mobile version of the site.  This is a pared down version of our full site but has all the necessary information that  future guests need to make a booking at a BC Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Guild property:

  • Find a B&B by City, Region or Specials
  • View this Blog
  • View the Full Version of the Website
  • Contact email  information for the Guild

Once our new guest has found the appropriate B&B:

  • there is a google map of the city
  • picture and description
  • ability to get directions
  • phone numbers, website link, and availability link

Historic Ladner Remembers Its Past

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Since 1896, the Ladner Pioneer May Days celebration has reminded visitors of the city’s historic roots.  The tradition continues and is a terrific family event with entertainment and activities for all ages.  This year’s event runs May 28 through May 30 and features live bands, May pole dancing, the crowning of a May Queen, a craft fair, a fastball tournament, magicians, jugglers, balloon artists, a petting zoo, a carnival with all your favorite rides, and a mouth watering food fair.  Don’t miss the parade through Ladner Village on Sunday at noon.

Lassies, the Men are wearing Kilts, and they’ve got the legs for it!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

The tee shirt read “Don’t crush that Scotsman, hand me the Caber!”   Whoa said I, what the heck’s a “Caber”?  Little did I know a Caber is a log the size of telephone pole tossed about by some of the strongest men in the world who just happen to be Scots wearing kilts.  There are Highland Games showcasing BC’s Scottish heritage scheduled all over British Columbia this year beginning May 22 in Victoria and in the Comox Valley.  Victoria’s games are, for the first time, in conjunction with the  IHGF World Heavy Events Festival so book your Victoria B&B  accommodations early as it may get crowded.  The games are not all about strength, though the big fellows also throw heavy hammers, stones, kegs and bales.   There are world class pipers, drummers, piper bands and highland dancing displays as well.

This Highland Games link lists all the BC events including the Cariboo Highland Games June 1 & 2 in Quesnel, the Sons of Scotland Games June 10 in Abbotsford, the BC Legion Highland Gathering  June 19 in Sqamish, the BC (United) Scottish Highland Games in Coquitlam June 26,  the Penticton Highland Games July 1 and the fall finale Castlegar Highland Games on October 4.  Followers of the Games will find friendly BCsBestBnBInnkeepers close to all the locations for a nice rest after all the caber tossing, dancing and maybe even a fine meal of haggis and a pint or a wee nip of single malt!

West End Guest House featured in Femina

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Congratulations to Vancouver’s  West End Guest House  on being featured in the Swedish woman’s magazine “Femina”, February 2010 edition.  The article was prepared by Ulrika Norberg, a former writer and editor of ELLE – Sweden. 

The West End Guest House is no stranger to media attention with two previous articles appearing in ELLE Magazine — one for decor and the other about food.  Your host at the West End Guest House is Evan Penner who is also the 2002  recipient of the Moyra Turner Hospitality Award.   This award is presented to those BC Bed and BreakfastInnkeepers Guild members who best personify the highest standards of innkeeping hospitality.  2002 was the first year the Moyra Turner Hospitality trophy was presented.

BC B&Bs win Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Welcome to the first post of the BC Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Guild blog.  We’ve just launched our new website and added a blog in order to give the travelling public and our members the most complete and informative website in the travel industry. It is all about British Columbia and the superb Bed and Breakfast members of the Guild.  We look forward to visitors’ comments and help from our member B&Bs in discovering and informing our readers of the multitude of fun and interesting events taking place in this most beautiful of places, British Columbia.

Membership in the British Columbia Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Guild is not just about a B&B paying annual dues.  The standards are high, each B&B inn is inspected and all are Tourism BC approved.  Many are Canada Select rated. 

We are excited to acknowledge two Guild members for the outstanding recognition each has received— Abbeymoore Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn in Victoria is Trip Advisor’s Annual Travellers Choice Awards pick for the best B&B in Canada and in all of North America, and number two in the world!  ThistleDown House B&B  in North Vancouver is ranked the number 9 B&B in all of Canada.  These two superb B&Bs epitomize the excellence all Guild members strive to reach, and we are proud to have them as members of the Guild!