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Ladner, British Columbia Bed and Breakfasts

Ladner, British Columbia, sits on the southern bank of the Fraser River, not far north of the US border. It is now part of the Greater Vancouver area, for it is only 30 minutes from the center of the city. Stop at a Ladner Bed and Breakfast as you travel along BC’s Pacific Northwest coast.

Ladner Village is a charming heritage community featuring broad streets, outdoor cafes, and several well-preserved heritage buildings. Take a Walking Tour of Ladner Village, keeping an eye out for the town clock, one of the oldest in this part of British Columbia. A trip to the Delta Museum and Archives will reveal a great deal about the history of the region.

Several islands just off the mainland in the Strait of Georgia are part of Ladner, BC, though most may only be reached by boat. One exception is Westham Island, which is connected to the mainland by bridge. It boasts a number of organic farms and two areas devoted to wildlife: the George C. Reifel Refuge migratory birds and the Alaksen National Wildlife Area. The wetlands and marshes in this part of BC are important stopping points for birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway. Birding enthusiasts flock here to see Snow Geese, Great Horned Owls, and the rare Black-Crowned Night Heron, along with a great variety of other birds.

Burns Bog, an area of 10,000 acres east of Ladner, has been set aside to help keep the region’s air and water clean. The Delta Nature Reserve is a protected area in the northeastern corner of Burns Bog; three different loops of boardwalks and trails cover the Reserve, allowing visitors a chance to see this wonderful ecosystem up close. Birders will want their binoculars here, too.

Walking trails abound in and around Ladner, BC, but one of the best ways to explore the area is by boat. Kayaks and canoes easily wind their way through watery canals, while larger boats head out to open water. Anglers, boaters, birders and walkers will all come together to share stories of their days at Ladner Bed and Breakfasts.


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